Mobile devices

Our mobile skills have really ramped up over the last few years as more and more people possess smart phones like the iPhone, Windows Mobile devices and Blackberry telephones.

We kept the above statement as it was very true, two years ago and confirmed out commitment to progress our client’s sites on a mobile platform. However, it turns out that ‘Social Media’ as presented itself in a big way, too big to ‘brush under the carpet’ , so we’ve been making engaging campains for all to view on the big ‘FB’.

Our clients are now able to post, recruit and market to a whole new arena of users/clients, within their own website.
We’ve already delivered numerous mobile campaigns to drive prospective clients for the more tradition, printed media to the mobile websites and capturing valuable data along the way. We are still able to offer development of iPhone Apps, Google Android Apps and Blackberry Apps. If you have an idea for an application you’d like to see on a phone, please do get in touch and one of our specialist developers will talk you through the development process.

  1. Timothy James – mobile site to assist candidates
  2. Centaur Services – mobile site for product demo
  3. The – ecommerce mobile site
  4. DimT – Restaurant Marketing Capture

For more information on ‘mobilising’ your website, please contact us.

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