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So this month, ready for November we have been preparing for WTM 2015 – London.

This is an absolutely massive show for anyone and everyone who’s involved in Tourism. Hence using Excel, which is HUGE, actually…. so big, we couldn’t event get a postcode for parking……

So we’re there supporting a renowned global market leader, Multicom enabling them to showcase their revised, improved and very appealing WebVoyage package, which basically gets you online, trading holidays for £2k……. up to having a full on, bespoke website….. that still trades, instantly….

Anyway…. this is what we plan for:

WTM2015 plan multicom.co.uk

initial design meeting draw….. looks  easy on paper….. next picture will be the actual shot……… on a very long pole….


Inventi are passionate about our clients’ brand communications, not only in the digital sense but in the real world. We help to support an increasing number of clients at show and exhibitions with a divition of our company called ‘Inventi – Exhibitionists’.

Whether you have the need for a roller banner or bespoke space only design stand, we can help. We will work with the client to concept a design before pushing the button on manufacturing and installation.

view A ver 6A Plan ver 6A

lvs-front-view-centaur front-view-stand

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